3-D modeling allows companies to improve designs and productivity in many engineering and manufacturing disciplines. When your time and money is on the line you want the best designs available at the best price available. You want to make sure your equipment can withstand the day in and day out rigors of the material handling industry.

MGL utilizes SolidWorks 3-D modeling software to ensure the design and manufacturing accuracy you demand. With the assistance of 3-D modeling our talented team of engineers can design at high efficiency levels to reduce material cost, design time and production time while never compromising the integrity of our machines. These savings are passed directly to our customers to ensure you receive highly competitive pricing.

Because we specialize in custom designs, it is not unusual for our customers to want to make future modifications to their existing MGL equipment to accommodate a new endeavor. An accurate 3-D model also allows us to easily design for custom retrofit modifications. We can design and build new parts without ever taking your machine out of service.

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